Would I ever give up Family Photography? | Des Moines, Iowa Family Photographer

A question I get often is: Would you ever give up Family Photography?

My answer: No. I could never give up capturing the art of Family Photography! There is so much heart and feeling that goes into capturing a family, especially when that family truly opens themselves up to me.  Family sessions aren’t supposed to be perfect (we all know our families are not perfect) and not everyone is always happy the whole time. I’m not trying to create a perfect fairytale story for the families that come to me – I am trying to capture their essence as a family and who they all are at this point in time. Anyway, I love reliving those feelings that I saw through my lens during the photo sessions and then piecing it all back together during editing. It always touches my heart to see what I captured and because of that…no – I could never stop photographing families!

Here is one family that I have gotten to know over the years…I just love watching them grow up and I cannot wait to capture these two kiddos as they take on the older sister and older brother roles soon! ❤️
Des Moines Iowa Family Photographer 2017
Des Moines Iowa Family Photographer 2017
Des Moines Iowa Family Photographer 2017






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